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I am extremely happy with the service that Maria provides. She has built me a very efficient site that performs very well for me. I find Maria's back up service and advice invaluable.
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Website design prices start at just £80, with no VAT!

With over 10 years experience in web design we try to ensure that having your own website created is an enjoyable and relaxing experience. We endeavour to be efficient and attentive so that you are not left feeling frustrated and confused at any time during the process.

Website designs

We create quality, unique websites to a design that suits you. We do not use templates and therefore you are not restricted by design layouts, colours or number of photos. You can have pages that all look different or all look very similar. We design and create your site using many different software packages, but primarily Adobe Dreamweaver. Our sites are not sent to design houses in India, China or anywhere else overseas.

How do we begin

First of all we discuss your branding and current logo design if you have one. Look around the web to see which websites appeal to you so that you can determine what sort of style and look you like.

Who are your current clients? Who are you looking to attract? We decide which keywords you wish to target, ie the search words and phrases that people enter into Google and other search engines.

What next...?

Once we have fully discussed your requirements then we create a graphic mock up of a design which can be tweaked. Once you are happy with this we start to build the first webpage as a sample. Alongside the design we compose the copy for each page including keywords. This is set out in a text document so that you can edit and update it before we put the photos, text and design together.

The length of the project can be variable depending upon the size of the website, the complexity of any elements within (ie using flash) and on how quickly you respond to the visuals and draft pages, but usually it ranges from 3-6 weeks.

If you are hosting your website with BizOrg then we begin the process of uploading the website, creating a site map, submitting to the search engines and creating a Google anaylytics statistics account for you.

If you have your own hosting then we will upload your website to the hosting company you have chosen and continue with any further requests you may have.

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